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Community building tools

for fashion stores

Customer Profiles

Capture key insights into customer characteristics and requirements such as 'Size' and 'Body Type'.

Attribute Ratings

Insights into the dimensions which matter to customers most such as 'Fit' and 'Quality'.

Photos & Videos

Upgrade from plain text and bring reviews to life with customer submitted photos and videos.

Loyalty Integration

Reward customers for sharing feedback using coupons or an integration with your loyalty program.
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Customer insights that convert shoppers into buyers

To truly increase check-out rates customer reviews need to be more compelling than basic one liners. Build shopper excitement and elevate purchase confidence by making your reviews genuine decision making tools.

  • Customer profiles
  • Usage guide
  • Product attributes
  • Photos and videos

See how these Shopify stores built their customer communities

Screen Shot 2018-05-22 at 4.16.27 pm.png

Virus is a hyper growth apparel retailer for high-performance athletes. Virus uses Okendo to bring their customer community to life and to give shoppers the insights needed to choose the perfect item for their size, shape and sport.

Trial Result
  • 844 new customer reviews
  • 304 customer pictures
  • 44 customer videos
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Screen Shot 2018-05-22 at 4.35.29 pm.png
Within months, MNML went from 0 to 10,000+ orders/month, catapulting the brand into the industry spotlight and firmly establishing it as a Shopify success story. This growth was the result of several factors, including the use of customer content marketing to drive more social traffic and increase shopper confidence to complete a purchase.
Trial Results
  • 835 ratings & reviews

  • 155 customer photos

  • 2114% increase in review generation velocity
See the MNML Case Study


Everything you need to begin building your customer community today.
Automated Review Requests
Targeted Review Requests
Coupons and Loyalty Program Integration
Review Replies
Social Push
Review Highlights
Social Retargeting
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Community Q&A
  • Question
    Can I keep my existing reviews?
    Absolutely! You can import all existing customer content into Okendo Reviews
  • Question
    I’m too busy to set this up…
    No worries! As official Shopify Partners, we can do the full set-up for you including integrating with your store and configuring the app for your specific needs.
  • Question
    I’m not sure it’s worth $99/month…
    Our amazing customers generate results far exceeding the subscription fee. We’re confident you can too, which is why we offer 30 day free trials - to prove the commercial ROI before you pay a dime.
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