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Wanderer Bracelets retail handmade custom bracelets from traditional Balinese artists — every purchase helps support an artisan to earn a fair income for their family. Each piece of unique handmade jewelry is crafted with love and has its own unique story to tell.

Wanderer Bracelets had an untapped well of brand ambassadors in their loyal customer base, which they knew they could do more to leverage. After trying to juggle two very separate, expensive solutions that failed to integrate reviews into Google Shopping or marry up their reviews and Instagram content, they decided they needed a better fit. The brand turned to Okendo and Foursixty to unite high-impact customer reviews with UGC and Google Shopping.

Saying goodbye to costly subscriptions and siloed solutions

Taking a wrong turn in the Balinese jungle was the best thing that could have happened to Wanderer Bracelets’ Founder and CEO, Ben Katzaman. Ben stumbled on a small village of carvers keen to keep their generations-old artisan craft going — and he knew he could help.

Today, Wanderer Bracelets partner with more than 150 carvers from “lost” Balinese villages and have grown a loyal, tight-knit community of customers from every corner of the globe.

Ben quickly realized Wanderer Bracelets’ globetrotting followers would make excellent brand marketers, so he set out on an adventure to add reviews and UGC to the buying journey.


“We love to share what our products mean to people. These bracelets are incredibly meaningful to people — they love to share those stories and that's what future customers connect with,” says Ben.


Wanderer Bracelets receive a lot of new shopper traffic through Google. They decided to run Product Listings Ads to leverage the channel but found their previous provider was unable to integrate the brand’s thousands of product reviews with their ads.

The worst part was that their reviews provider and Instagram curation provider weren’t integrated.

Wanderer Bracelets had to splash out for two pricey solutions. Charging was based on order volume and as the brand received tens of thousands of orders per month with low AOV, this worked against them. They were spending a colossal $2,000 per month in total.

This siloing of solutions also meant the brand couldn’t show media galleries combining both Instagram UGC and reviews, nor display star ratings and review counts on products tagged in their media gallery.

Uniting reviews and customer content to promote products

Wanderer Bracelets migrated to Okendo which allowed them to integrate reviews into Google Shopping and Product Listing Ads.

Okendo’s advanced email sequences feature also allowed Wanderer Bracelets to send automatic reminders to customers that had left four- or five-star reviews inviting them to add UGC to their review, in exchange for a coupon.

And as Okendo’s pricing isn’t linked to order volumes, the brand benefited from a $700 a month reduction in their subscription fees, too.

Wanderer Bracelets on Google Shopping
Wanderer Bracelets on Google Shopping

Okendo’s integration with Foursixty also brought a bounty of benefits. The Shoppable Instagram technology replaced their previous curation solution to show star ratings and review counts for products tagged in Instagram photos. This also meant they could combine and display media from both reviews and Instagram in a single gallery.


“So many of our reviews come in with images, but we have a separate user-generated content collection. Before, that meant they were really disjointed so it’s great to have them integrated into one now,” says Ben.



  • Within two weeks of switching to Okendo, Wanderer Bracelets were displaying reviews in their Google ads. This increased the click-through rate and reduced Cost Per Acquisition.
  • Okendo’s Sequences engine and mobile-first approach to review capture drove an increased rate of review generation by 70% and increased the rate of UGC generation by 686%!
  • Wanderer Bracelets also truly got the best of both worlds; increased review program performance and reduced costs for by migrating to Okendo they were also able to save $700/month on subscriptions fees.
Ben Katzaman Headshot

“Every interaction we’ve had with Okendo has been professional and they went above and beyond to make it smooth and simple. It was one of the easiest app onboards we’ve ever had. It didn’t require a lot of additional team time to get it set up and it wasn’t a multi-week setup like some other review apps.”

Ben Katzaman, Founder & CEO

Favorite features

  • Rapid migration and setup
  • Unlimited Review Request Emails
  • Okendo x Foursixty integration

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