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oVertone was founded by two colour fanatics committed to developing hair products that keep dyed hair as healthy and bright as an expensive salon visit - if not more!

Dying your hair ‘Extreme Blue’ is no small undertaking - it takes courage and commitment. Which is why it’s crucial for oVertone to build shopper confidence and excitement prior to purchase. To do this, oVertone uses Okendo to create a real sense of shopper community, a place where past customers provide curious shoppers with insights into the hair dying experience, complete with shopper profiles and pictures and videos.

A leaking purchase funnel

Achieving significant traction with Instagram and Facebook marketing meant oVertone was nailing the top of the purchase funnel. These platforms were successfully driving awareness of the oVertone brand and generating massive interest amongst shoppers wanting to express their individuality through vibrant hair colours.

However, when it came to the middle stages of the purchase journey, where these qualified social shoppers visited the oVertone website and considered purchasing, Marketing Director, Chanelle Leslie was noticing a problem:

“Although we were driving a significant volume of social traffic to our website we were not yet achieving the conversion rates we wanted” explains Chanelle. After analyzing a range of site performance factors, Chanelle identified customers reviews as a key site element needing improvement.

“Our previous customer reviews app was very basic. Worse still, these 'text-only' reviews weren't adding anything to the shopping experience. It allowed only for basic text content. So we had a situation where shoppers were coming from a highly visual and interactive platform like Instagram to the oVertone website where customer submitted content was dull and uninspiring. It was an inconsistent experience and it was negatively affecting check-out rates.”

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Okendo Reviews on Overtone.co

An enhanced online shopping experience

Overtone's new customer community has dramatically enriched the online shopping experience. Customers regularly mention to Overtone's customer service how useful they found Shopper Profiles when determining which products were right for them. Being able to identify past customers who had the same hair colour and type as their own meant shoppers felt significantly more confident that they could achieve similar results. As the level of insight into the hair dying process and expected results went up, so too did shopper confidenceThis enhanced confidence directly translated to increased store performance as measured by the key e-commerce metrics of new and repeat sales, return rate and customer satisfaction. 

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Okendo Reviews on Overtone.co

Visual and compelling customer insights

Okendo provided oVertone with the ability to transform basic text reviews into a dynamic customer community, one that parallels the Instagram experience and ensures shoppers are able to connect with customer reviews in ways which are more meaningful and useful to the purchase journey.

“When we first saw an example of Okendo we knew this was exactly the upgrade our site experience needed”, says Chanelle. “Okendo gave our customers the ability to share their experiences with oVertone products in the same way as they might do on Instagram, Facebook or even YouTube. Customer photos and videos are incredibly powerful sources of shopper excitement and purchase motivation.”

As well as increasing engagement with customer content, oVertone also succeeded in transforming customer reviews into genuine decision making tools. “Shopper profiles and product attribute ratings have had a major impact on the oVertone online shopping experience. Our shoppers can now see the people behind the reviews, empowering them to make informed purchase decisions based on the insights of oVertone customers with similar hair colour and texture to their own.”


60 day trial results

  • 670 new customer reviews
  • 160 customer pictures
  • 50% increase in review generation velocity compared to previous provider

 “Okendo has dramatically improved the oVertone shopping experience.
Our shoppers can now see the people behind the reviews, enabling them to make smarter decisions using the insights and experiences of customers with hair colour and texture similar to their own.”

Marketing Director, Channelle Leslie

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