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Oasis Beauty employs a team of 10 in a dedicated office in Oxford, New Zealand. Since 2005, the Oasis Beauty product range has continually evolved to focus on top quality, healthy sun care and skin repair products.

When Oasis Beauty founder, Stephanie Evans, hit 30 she found herself still troubled by a number of skin concerns. With little money to spend on expensive skincare, she was frustrated by her lack of options. When she stumbled across a book about making skincare creams from natural ingredients, she did what all great entrepreneurs do - she decided to give it a go! As part of a broader growth strategy, Oasis partnered with Okendo to collect powerful customer feedback, to help shoppers gain insights into product outcomes for specific skin types and to facilitate authentic customer conversations.

A year of massive online growth 

For Oasis Beauty, 2017 was big! It was the year Founder and Chief Executive, Stephanie Evans wanted to really kick it up a notch and take company sales to the next level. Oasis had already built a high performance sales channel via a strong network of retailers throughout the world.

To further drive revenue growth, Oasis planned to now improve the performance of their ecommerce store and the digital sales channel. A key strategy in support of this objective would be a focus on stimulating and nurturing a sense of community among shoppers, customers and Oasis the brand. This strategy would enable Oasis to increase shopper confidence and excitement, deepen customer relationships and maximise customer loyalty.

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Customer Product Reviews

The Oasis Beauty customer community comes to life

The Oasis Beauty team partnered with Okendo to power their new customer community. The customer community would be built on several key foundations; product ratings and reviews, customer profiles, customer photos and videos and a dedicated forum for questions and answers between customers, shoppers and Oasis.

The first step towards bringing the Oasis customer community to life was with Okendo’s tight integration with Shopify that enabled Oasis to create a sending trigger for automated review requests that customers would receive via email 21 days after an order is fulfilled. Customers would have the opportunity to provide a review of their product experience in their own words as well as the ability to provide insights into their individual characteristics such as ‘Age Range’, ‘Skin Type’, ‘Acne Type’ and ‘Skin Concerns’.

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Customer Product Reviews

Next, and based on these individual characteristics, customers would provide feedback on how Oasis Beauty products performed for them by completing a specific ‘My Results’ category and providing ratings on key product attributes such as ‘Effectiveness’, ‘Speed of Result’ and ‘Ease of Use’.


Incentivising customer participation was a critical success factor to the customer community strategy. To do this, Oasis integrated Okendo with the Smile loyalty program application. This enabled customers to earn loyalty points for completing specific actions within the community such as leaving a review, sharing a photo or video or adding their social profile picture.


Publishing customer content throughout the website was the final step in bringing the Oasis Beauty community life. Using a range of Okendo’s on-site display widgets, Oasis deployed community content at strategic points throughout the buying journey, including a carousel of the latest customer reviews on the home page, in-depth product reviews on product pages and a single page that showcases reviews per product collection.


30 day trial results

  • 727 customer reviews
  • 42 customer photos and videos
  • 6297% (!!) increase in review generation velocity compared to previous provider

"There’s no doubt that brands need to be seeking more than just a transactional relationship with customers. Providing customers the ability to share their product experiences and participate in a broader customer community has proven an excellent way of connecting and engaging with our customers on a deeper, more meaningful level.”

Stephanie Evans

Founder, CEO

Favourite features

  • Automated review requests
  • Customer Profiles
  • Integration with Smile loyalty app

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