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NERD formulates skincare solutions using knowledge derived from clinical trials and research to ensure optimal results without side effects.    

NERD Skincare is the brainchild of Evelyn Chen and uses the latest innovations in microbiology to disrupt the billion dollar skincare industry. NERD Skincare is another massive Shopify Plus success story having grown from startup into a booming online store in less than 12 months. Choosing the right technology partners for supporting such phenomenal growth was a critical element of NERD’s success. Okendo has worked with NERD to implement an integrated, multi-channel customer content marketing strategy that delivers a meaningful lift on key ecommerce metrics such as store visitors, check-out rates and average order values.

NERD gives customers new decision making tools  

As a biomedical engineer, NERD Skincare Founder and CEO Evelyn Chen, understands the importance of attention to detail. Evelyn knew it was critical for shoppers with different skin types and different skincare concerns to see the results of using NERD products. To this end, Evelyn knew that reviews which provide only for a star rating and a basic text entry simply were not going to provide the crucial insights skincare shoppers were looking for.

NERD Skincare product reviews

Customer content drives new and repeat purchases 📈

Evelyn partnered with Okendo to deploy a customer content solution that would support both capturing and publishing highly informative customer reviews - complete with detailed customer profiles and product attribute ratings. Better still, customers would be able to upload photos and videos of their results after using the NERD treatment regime, providing visual proof of the efficacy of the treatment.


21 days after order fulfillment, enough time for orders to be delivered and for results to be apparent, NERD used Okendo to send an automated Review Request email to each customer. Customers would be incentivised to provide feedback using a tiered coupon system, where the value of the coupon would increase as customers increased the level of content submitted with their review. For example, a customer who provided a standard review would receive $5 coupon off their next purchase while a reviewer who included a photo would receive a $10 coupon. Coupons would be unique per customer and dispensed via a Thank You email sent automatically by Okendo on behalf of NERD upon review submission.

Using customer reviews for Facebook retargeting

Customers would be asked to provide insights into important skin dimensions such as ‘Age Range’, ‘Skin Type’, ‘Acne Type’ and ‘Skin Concerns’. Customers would then provide feedback into how the NERD treatment program performed for them, including identifying specific ‘My Results’ categories and giving ratings on key product attributes such as ‘Effectiveness’, ‘Speed of Result’ and ‘Ease of Use’. The combination of automated review requests and tiered incentives ensured a significant percentage of NERD customers were willing to provide reviews - a total of 876 new customer ratings and reviews were generated over a 60 day period, an average of around 15 reviews per day.


“Anybody who knows skincare understands that customers have different purchase requirements based on specific skin concerns and conditions; a customer with inflamed and sensitive skin really does have a different set of needs to the customer with blocked pores and oily skin. As such, it was vitally important we were able to identify those differences in customer types during the feedback process. This enabled us to provide shoppers with confidence that their purchase decisions are being made in-line with customers who share similar characteristics to their own”, explains Evelyn.


NERD Skincare were also able to utilise the consistent flow of high quality customer content in their paid social campaigns. Using Okendo's Facebook re-targeting feature, NERD could automatically re-target a store visitor who viewed a product on-store but didn't convert by showing a 5-star review in their Facebook feed. Social re-targeting ended up as one of the top performing ad-campaigns being run by NERD Skincare, delivering excellent measurability and return on investment.


30 day trial results

  • 876 new customer ratings & reviews
  • 164 customer pictures
  • 488 incentivised repeat purchases

"We consider it vitally important to provide guidance to our shoppers based on their individual needs and concerns. We've found enabling shoppers to learn from the product experiences of customers with similar needs as their own to be very effective at supporting shoppers to make faster and better buying decisions."

Evelyn Chen, Founder

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