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Drive more traffic
Drive more traffic
Get more reviews
Get more reviews
Make more sales
Make more sales


Okendo Reviews is launching on Shopify in July.

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Review with attributes and store reply

Higher Impact Reviews

To truly increase check-out rates customer reviews need to be more helpful than basic one liners. Make your reviews genuine decision making tools by capturing structured feedback. You decide what to capture.

  • Customer profiles: e.g. 'age' or 'skin type' 
  • Usage guides: e.g. 'best for' or 'try with'
  • Product Attributes: e.g. 'value' or 'longevity'

Generate More Sales

This is customer reviews for today's shoppers – those who prefer watching a video to reading a wall of text and are as happy snapping a pic as they are writing a review.

  • A perfect mobile shopping experience
  • Add pictures and videos to reviews
  • Showcase customer galleries per product
Fully responsive, mobile-first widget design
Push your reviews to social media

Drive More Social Shoppers

Automatically publish your best performing customer content to your social channels to drive more qualified social shoppers to your store.

  • Push to Facebook. Pinterest coming soon!
  • Create rules for content publishing
  • Track new social traffic and conversions

Rank Higher In Search Results

Turn your reviews into a continual stream of unique, natural language keywords - the type Google loves! Then stand out in the search results by showing star ratings, review snippets and review count next to your links. 

  • Ensure SEO juice from your reviews
  • Links that stand out in search results
  • Drive massive amounts of organic traffic
SEO friendly reviews and ratings
Analytics for your reviews

Analytics & Insights

Track a broad range of shopper data to gain true visibility into how your customer content is performing. Use these insights to optimize review generation, conversion rates and checkouts.

  • Performance: Measure the impact of customer generated content on shopper engagement and conversions
  • Products: Analyse ratings and reviews to identify important product insights
  • Customers: Identify key advocates, influencers and detractors

Import Existing Reviews

Use our blazing fast importer to upload all your existing customer reviews and related media content directly into Okendo Reviews. 

  • Import from for all major review apps
  • Retain all existing review content
  • Upload into Okendo Reviews in minutes
Import reviews from other platforms
From the sneak peek we've had at Okendo, we can already tell it's going to be leaps and bounds ahead of its competitors. We've used several review apps in the past and none had the rating features that Okendo has.
Chanelle Leslie, Marketing Director

Your dedicated support team. 

Okendo Team
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